LexisNexis® Automated Forms California Workers' Compensation Forms - May 2014 - Release 15.0

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Reason For Update

Update 15-16
700 KB

One(1) Form Updated One(1) Form Improved Automation

Updated form Qualified Medical Evaluator Exam Packet (QME 100), Improved Automation on Application for Adjudication of Claim (DWC/WCAB Form 1A)

Update 15-15
48 KB

One(1) New Form and One(1) Updated Form

Added New January 2015 version of Medical Mileage Expense Form and updated Blank Mileage Form

Update 15-14
612 KB

Four(4) Forms Updated

Cover Sheet (DWC-CA Form 10232.1), Cover Sheet Body Part Code List and Document Separator Sheet (DWC-CA Form 10232.2) with Document List.

Update 15-13
20 KB

One(1) Form Updated

Petition to Reopen (DIA WCAB 42)

Update 15-12
1228 KB

Two(2) Forms Improved Automation

DWC Medical Provider Network Complaint Form (DWC 9767.16.5) and DWC Petition for Suspension or Revocation of a Medical Provider Network Form (DWC 9767.17.5 Part A), Improved automation

Update 15-11
44 KB

One(1) Form Improved Automation

Improved Automation of Application for Independent Medical Review (DWC form IMR)

Update 15-10
1369 KB

Three(3) New Forms, Four(4) Updated Forms

Added New August 2014 versions of (DWC 9767.16.5), (DWC 9767.17.5 Part A), and (DWC 9767.17.5 Part B) and Updated Forms (DWC 9767.4), (DWC 9767.8), (WCU 132A), and (WCU 5) (Alternate Version).

Update 15-9
1389 KB

Two(2) Forms Added Two(2) Forms Improved Automation

New Forms Minutes of Hearing (DWC-CA Form 10245), Minutes of Hearing (WCAB Form 20), Improved Automation of Answer (DIA WCAB 10), Pre-Trial Conference Statement (DWC-CA Form 10253.1)

Update 15-8
779 KB

One(1) New Form, One(1) Restored Form, One(1) Updated Form

Added New April 2014 version of (DWC-WCAB Form 10214 (a)-1), Restored (DWC-WCAB Form 10214 (a)) dated November 2008 and Updated (Notice of QME Competency Examination) dated October 18, 2014.

Update 15-7
717 KB

One(1) New Form and Five(5) Forms Updated

New Form (DWC Fact Sheet (Spanish)), Updated Forms (DWC Fact Sheet), (DWC 9783), (DWC 9783.1), and the Spanish versions of these forms.

Update 15-6
119 KB

One(1) Form Updated One(1) Form Improved Automation

Updated DWC Fact Sheet E (Spanish), Improved Automation of DWC-CA Form 10214 (d)

Update 15-5
675 KB

Two(2) Forms Improved Automation

Subpoena (DIA WCAB 30), and Subpoena Duces Tecum (DIA WCAB 32), Judges Signature Computation Corrected.

Update 15-4
1472 KB

One(1) New Form and Nine(9) Forms Updated

New Form (WCAB-2), Updated (10214(a)), (WCAB 45), (WCU 7), (DWC UR 1), (10252.1), (10232.2), (10232.2 Document List), (WCU38) and (Cover Sheet Combined With 10232.2)

Update 15-3
1175 KB

Five (5) Forms Updated

(DIA WCAB 49), (DWC WCAB 8), (AD Form 1), (QME Form 103), and (DWC 9767.8).

Update 15-2
392 KB

Three(3) Forms Updated

How to File a Complaint with the Audio Unit (DWC AU 905), Audit Referral Form (DWC AU 906), and Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities (DWC Form 5)

Update 15-1
154 KB

One(1) New Form Added

New Form, Supplement to Minutes (WCAB Form 20.1)