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Juris / Juris Suite Version 2.6.1 System Requirements

Previous Version Requirements

Server Hardware


1 to 20 Users
21 to 50 Users
51+ Users

Single/Dual Xeon
Dual Xeon
Quad Zeon

Memory (RAM)

1 to 20 Users
21 to 50 Users
51+ Users


Note: The database server computer needs a minimum of 2 GB of RAM, plus 32 MB of RAM per active user (the estimated number of users concurrently connecting to the server at any one time). Inadequate memory reduces performance.

Initial Drive Space

Three times the size of the combined Juris and Jbills databases


LexisNexis requires that the Juris® database server be a separate device from any computer performing as a file and print server, domain controller, or Exchange server. This is particularly relevant with Small Business Server. Additional Juris installation information is available in the installation guides.

The Juris database does not need a dedicated database server if your firm has multiple applications using the same database engine. Additional applications/databases on the SQL Server may significantly increase the memory and processor requirements.

Server Operating Systems

Windows 2012 Server / 2012 R2 Server

Windows 2011 Small Business Server

Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 Server

Windows 2008 Small Business Server

Virtual Server

Windows 8

Windows XP

Windows 2003

Windows 2000

Windows NT, ME, 98, 96

Linux (Unix Derivatives)

Mac OS

Workstation Hardware


Intel Duo Core




SVGA Video at a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768; however, we recommend 1280 x 1024

Note: The Juris software requires 96 DPI (Normal or Default).
Workstation Operating

Windows 8.1 with updates

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows 7 64-Bit

Windows Vista 64-Bit

Windows Vista 32-Bit

Windows XP

Windows 2003

Windows for Tablet PC

Windows 2000

Windows NT, ME, 98, 96

Windows Terminal Services

Linux (Unix Derivatives)

Mac OS


Backup: ArcServe, Veritas



Wireless Networks

SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2008 (Including R2)

SQL Server 2005

SQL Express (All Versions)

SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2000 MSDE

SQL Server Replication

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 6

IIS 7.0

IIS 6.0

.Net Framework 4.0

.Net Framework 3.5

.Net Framework 2.0

.Net Framework 1.0

Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit

Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit

Note: Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit requires Juris version 2.5 SP1. Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit has been certified to work with the core Juris application. For Juris® Suite, some minor issues with Outlook 2010 64-bit remain. For workarounds and additional details, see Juris Suite 2.5 SP1 Compatibility with Outlook 2010 (64-bit).

Microsoft Office 2013

Remote Access

Citrix Metaframe

Because many customers choose to operate in a Citrix environment, we do provide some limited support in certain instances. LexisNexis limits support to the operation of the Juris products and does not include support for the installation, configuration, or administration of the remote environment components themselves.

Before we provide support for our software, we might require you to install it to a workstation connected to a local copy of the data that is outside the thin client environment. You need administrative rights to install software and/or need to have a qualified technician present on the support call. We address issues that we can reproduce in the current version of the Juris software in an environment that is fully supported. We do not address issues that occur only in the Citrix environment.

Note: Juris products are not thin client applications and require additional memory when you run the products on the server. You might need to purchase multiple servers to distribute the users and balance memory load. Remote technology requires specialized technical resources to install and configure. If you have difficulties with the setup, contact a CIC or the vendor for additional support.

Citrix Presentation Server

Citrix XenApp

Citrix Go to MyPC

Microsoft Terminal Server

Note: Juris version 2.5 and subsequent versions are supported. Problems that occur only in the WTS environment are treated as product defects and will be prioritized and addressed in the Juris software following normal defect resolution procedures. Juris verion 2.4 and prior versions are supported in a limited capacity. Problems that occur must be tested and reproduced in the network environment. We do not provide technical support for any issues that we cannot recreate outside the Terminal Server environment. For all supported versions, LexisNexis support is limited to operation of the Juris products and does not provide support for the installation, configuration, and administration of Terminal Server environments themselves.

Log Me In

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Remote technology, like Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop, allows you to gain access to the Juris software, but it requires complex technical resources to install and configure. We provide limited support to assure there is a good connection to the SQL database. Juris Technical Support is not responsible for assisting with the configuration or troubleshooting of the remote access applications.

The Juris software is not supported over a WAN. Connecting to the Juris database over a WAN or VPN can result in serious latency or inoperable software. Servers must reside on the same physical network unless you use supported remote access technologies.

Integration / API

Aderant Total Office (Client Profiles)



Abacus, Amicus, Legal Files, Worldox

Time Matters® version 13

Time Matters version 12

Time Matters version 11 and earlier



Note: Handshake is not supported in 64-Bit environments. Handshake is no longer developing Collections software. Juris Collections is available for Juris Suite beginning with version 2.5.

Juris Mobility (Pensera)

EFO (Expanded Features for Outlook)

JFTW (Juris For the Web)

Time Sheet / Expense Sheet

Note: Assistance is limited to help with corrupt timesheet databases at the special services rate.

Juris West Coast Accounting Tool

Additional Recommendations:

  • The Juris software requires Microsoft Excel for Office 2002 or greater on the workstation you use to print financial statements.
  • The Juris software requires a MAPI-compliant mail transport system to use the built-in email features.
  • We recommend that you use laser printers for all printing to get design-level performance, and we require them for check printing.
  • We strongly recommend access to the internet and to a recordable CD-R/DVD-R because it significantly enhances our ability to provide you support.