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The page provides downloads and utilities you can use for the Juris® program.


Type of Product

Juris 2.6 (Current)
Juris Suite 2.6 (Current)
Juris 2.5 SP2
Juris Suite 2.5 SP2
Juris 2.5 SP1 with Hot Fix
Juris Suite 2.5 SP1
Juris 2.5
Juris Suite 2.5
Hot fix for Juris Suite 2.5SP1 DPI Issue
Juris 2.4
Juris Suite 2.4
Juris 2.35 SP1
Juris Suite 2.35 SP1
Juris 2.3 SP2 Software Update
Juris Suite 2.0 Install/Update
Juris 2.3 SP1
Juris 2.25 SP2
Juris Billing Export Utility for Mandated Electronic Bills
Juris for Microsoft Outlook
LexisNexis® Mobility Access Manager


Type of Report

Auto-link Supp. Reports for 2.1 and Higher
Supp. Reports for 2.1 and Higher
Juris Additional Timekeeper Diary Reports
Juris Portrait Financial Statements
ODBC Reference Reports

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Bill\Check Design

Type of Bill Design

Juris Version 2.1x Bill Designs
Juris Check Design Layouts
Juris MICR Font


Type of Utility

Cash Receipt Allocation Data Fix
Cash Receipt Allocation Issue
Juris Timekeeper Diary Utility
ADP Interface to Juris Utility
MSDE Database Size Monitor Utility
Juris Quick Reference Card Viewer Utility
1099 Utility for Juris 2.3 and Higher Versions
1099 Utility for Juris 2.25, 2.25 SP1 and 2.25 SP2
Juris Win Controls
JUT35-ResetDBUsers Utility
RegisterJuris Utility
Time Entry Detective Utility