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This article describes new and enhanced features in PCLaw® Version 11 and provides a list of corrected issues and a list of known outstanding issues.

Refer to the What's New page for detailed information about Version 11.

Verify that the following conditions exist before you download PCLaw Version 11:

  • A full backup of the PCLaw data files and documents exist
  • Close all open applications on your computer

Added Features and Enhancements

The following are a list of features and enhancements:


PCLaw Mobility

This unique cloud-based computing service lets you securely view and modify PCLaw information from any supported mobile device with web access.

Advanced Security Options

Administrators can set up options related to password expiration, number of failed logins before locking the user, and password change requirements.

Import of Holidays

You can now import multiple country-specific and religious holiday files.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Desktop Scanner Software

Integration with Fujitsu ScanSnap desktop scanner software allows documents to be scanned directly into PCLaw Document Manager.

QuickBooks Link Utility

Import PCLaw data into QuickBooks (Feature only available for Non Canadian customers).


Corrected Issues

PCLaw Version 11 corrects the following issues:

Functional Area:

Banking - Trust Bank

A held Trust receipt no longer continues to appear in the TBals summary section of a matter after you remove the held receipt.

BillFlow Manager

All matters added to the BillFlow Manager now appear correctly.


  • During prebilling, changes to a charge are correctly displayed.
  • When mass billing a matter with an A/P check/cheque where the matter has been billed multiple times, all allocations now display as expected in the Client Ledger.
  • After undoing a split bill, creating a new bill with the same invoice number, and then undoing that bill, the process now completes in a timely manner.
  • Electronic bills are now created as expected for all split matters.
  • Matter allocations are now correctly displayed for multi-matter AP disbursements using the mass billing function.
  • When you enable Separate hard and soft costs, the Billing (Fees) Journal now correctly displays the split of hard and soft costs in the allocation area.
  • Fee adjustments made on the Billing Information screen for a Request Bill now cause the Net Bill amount to update when you tab through the Fees fields.
  • When you disable Sales Tax and enable GST enabled in System Settings, Quick Bill no longer charges sales tax when a P code is in the allocation area of a general check.
  • Writing off a fee or disbursement in the charge selection screen does not produce a File in Use message.
  • (Alberta) Using special fees entered through expense recovery along with automatic disbursements does not record a negative entry on the client ledger.


  • The Show Alert option now works as expected when adding a new appointment.
  • You can add a linked date item with over 300 characters in its action to an appointment.

Contact Manager

Large numbers of contacts (over 100) can now be individually selected for export from the Contact Manager without causing the export to fail.

Custom Tabs

The handling of radio button groups on Custom Tabs has been improved.

Data Entry

  • Australian installations no longer permit the deletion or removal of trust transactions. Such transactions now can only be reversed.
  • Individually selected allocations on a general check can now be transferred reliably from one matter to another.
  • Changes to the amount in the AP register are saved as expected.

Electronic Billing

Quantity values now display correctly on the e-bill for decimal values.

Link - API

The Next Matter Number for clients shown in the PCLaw link and in the PCLaw software are now always consistent.

Matter Manager

  • Changes to one matter viewed in Matter Manager no longer affect the Transaction Change ID on other matters viewed in the same browsing session.
  • The lawyer nickname now appears on the report when printing notes from the Matter Manager.
  • Reports printed from the All tab in the Matter Manager now show the entry date for time, fees, and documents rather than the current date.


Increased field length from 12 to 20 characters on Lawyers and Rates window.

Outlook Connection

  • The PCLaw program now prompts you to save emails in Outlook when Use Cached Exchange mode is disabled in Outlook.
  • The PCLaw toolbar in Outlook automatically disabls when you deselect the option to Enable connection for Email Tracking and timer.
  • When you select Use extended Outlook features, contacts now synchronize without displaying a warning/confirmation message.
  • The Lexis Back Office menu is restored to the Outlook menu bar.

Quick Step

Classic Quick Step works when running Internet Explorer 9.


The Remove button displays on the Correct Trust Receipt screen, consistently with other correct check and receipt screens.


  • Multiple trust receipts and cheques for a matter no longer cause Interest on Client Acct to sometimes calculate interest when interest criteria is unmet.
  • Disbursement Analysis and Interest now correctly displays hard and soft costs when Separate hard and soft client costs is enabled in System Settings.
  • The Client Trust Ledger report now works correctly when you select Sort by Responsible Lawyer and Show matters with balance greater than 0.01.
  • For matters with multiple trust receipts entered on different dates within a single interest band, interest calculates daily instead of calculating interest using the end balance over the entire period.
  • The Billing by Lawyer report can now be added to any report group.
  • The Firm Totals report now shows proper values when you select Firm Totals Only.
  • The Vendor Listing report with Total Payable or Total Purchases tokens added to a customized layout now produces the proper results.
  • Custom reports with WIP -Fees exclude Contingency or WIP -Disbs exclude Contingency now function correctly.


Removed a method for users to access restricted menu options.


  • Users are now prompted to confirm the archival of matters with unbilled time or disbursements.
  • The Client Ledger and Billing Fees Journal now match as expected when you enable Use queries for reporting.

Template Editor

  • Billing and pre-billing now proceed normally when a Formatted Name is used on the billing template for the Client Summary.
  • Graphics added to the first page footer now display when sent to the editor.
  • The Previously Billed Fee token now take into account fee adjustments made at the time of billing in the previous bill.
  • Check templates now save changes to the amount symbol for future use.
  • The Fees Billed to Date token takes into account previous fee adjustments made at the time of billing.


A delay-posted time entry can no longer be posted when a matter other than the one the time entry is assigned to is open in the Matter Manager.


Known Issues

The following known issues exist after you upgrade to PCLaw Version 11:

Functional Area:


General-to-Trust transfers do not update bank balances on the day of transfer.

BillFlow Manager

  • Creating a bill and selecting the options to Print Client Summary and Produce Summary Report produces a Pre‐Billing Summary Report only.
  • On a matter with Max Fees threshold set, produces a bill for an amount greater than the fees entered, with a negative adjustment to the matter but not the bill.


  • Selecting a bill for release and specifying a date prior to the date of the last entry on the bill creates the bill.
  • Fee adjustments made at the time a bill is requested are reallocated at the time the bill is released.
  • Fee changes during the release bill process are not saved.

Contact Manager

The PCLaw program sometimes closes if a user has limited access to areas.

Custom Tabs

On the List of Clients report, dates before 1982 are displayed as 0/0/0.

Data Entry

  • Hold status on task codes is used even if the option to Allow Held Charges is disabled.
  • On the Receive Payment screen, reports are off when payment is made if there is a previous negative payment.


A VOID/NSF Accounts Payable check in PCLaw is not synchronized to QuickBooks.

Quick Step

The Training and Support tab cannot be used if the workstation is not running the same operating system as the server where the PCLaw data is saved.


  • The filter list is empty on the Vendor list.
  • Files exported to Excel from the Payable Listing are missing vendor information.
  • Entries are removed from the Client Trust Ledger report.
  • Issue with removing journal entries from the General Bank Journal report.
  • Issue with trust totals and precentages on the Productivity by Client report.

Reports - Customizable

  • When a Client Ledger report run with totals only is exported to Excel, it produces a corrupt .xls file.
  • A Purchases Journal report filtered by G/L leaves blank lines for skipped invoices.
  • The Detailed report option does not change the level of detail on a Payable Listing report.
  • Missing check numbers do not display on the Trust Bank Missing Cheques report.


  • Selection of Matters is slow when a client has a large number of active matters.
  • When sorting by Client name on the Matters pop-up help screen, for clients that begin with the same name, if the first client in the list is archived then the remaining active clients are not displayed.


Lawyer terminology changes are not reflected on the Lawyer Rates report.