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What's New in PCLaw® Version 12

Before You Download

Verify that the following conditions exist before you download PCLaw® Version 12:

  • A full backup of the PCLaw data files and documents exists.
  • Run a full Verify Data Integrity on your PCLaw database.
  • Close all open applications on your computer.

New Features

Conversion Progress Indicator

PCLaw 12 includes an enhanced upgrade process which keeps the user visually informed of the progress and status conversion process.

Time Entry Advisor

The Time Entry Advisor takes the mystery out of capturing billable time. Watching silently in the background, the Time Entry Advisor monitors PCLaw for unbilled documents, events, tasks, and other items. At the end of the day, the Time Entry Advisor automatically reminds you to complete time entries for them, making sure you get paid for the work you do.

Benefits to Timekeepers and Staff

  • Provides an easy-to-use way to help you capture all possible billable time.

Benefits to Billing and Accounting Staff

  • Helps your billing process run more smoothly - minimizes the need to chase down timekeepers at the end of the billing cycle and load time into the system at the last minute.
  • Creates more accurate bills and speeds payment.

Benefits to Firm Leadership

  • Improves the firm's overall profitability by reducing "lost" billable time.

Product Enhancements

Improved General Retainer Handling of Client Overpayments

Ensure compliance with tax laws with improved general retainer handling of client overpayments in PCLaw 12. PCLaw 12 includes a system-level setting for client overpayments and offers alternative handling of funds, based on whether overpayments are allowed.

If the system is set to allow client overpayments and an overpayment is entered, funds will be easier to allocate and options will be included to send to the client's trust account, see other invoices from the same client, or automatically create an accounts payable voucher for a refund.

Calendar and Tickler

Calendar and tickler enhancements in PCLaw 12 help you keep your days and deadlines under control:

  • The calendar has been redesigned for easier use, with the ability to view the calendar by day, work week, and month.
  • The "time view" of the calendar provides a visual alert for days without time entries.
  • Calendar appointment codes can be color-coded so you can see the type of event at a glance.
  • A timer has been added to the ToDo window of the calendar.
  • The tickler workflow has been redesigned to help you better manage chains of events.
  • Anchor and limitation dates may be added to ticker items and new events linked existing ticklers.


In PCLaw 12, the Client Manager and Contact Manager have the same field-level security options as previously available in the Matter Manager, helping you comply with client confidentiality requirements.


Twelve-month general ledger budgeting capabilities have been added in PCLaw 12 to help you gain a better understanding of your firm's finances and identify financial issues before they become problems.

Time Sheet

PCLaw 12 includes a system-level setting to allow notes to be added to time entries, providing valuable context. The notes are linked to the time entry, but do not show on the pre-bill or final bill.

Client Management

PCLaw 12 helps you track the client information you need and manage to so it can be retrieved easily:

  • Designate relationships between clients in the Client Manager (e.g. husband/wife, company contact, etc.) to keep client records organized.
  • Create and apply user-defined categories to clients and contacts to maintain valuable information and assist in filtering client and contact records.

Past Due Notice

When working with Past Due Notice billing templates in PCLaw 12, you can generate an email with the Past Due Notice attached in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. You can also save a Past Due Notice in PDF format.