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Backing Up PCLaw Data

Use the Backup/Restore feature to backup your data. You can also enable the End of Session Backup feature if you want the program to prompt you to backup your data when you exit the PCLaw® software.


For version 9.31d or lower, verify that each of the DynData, StatData, and RecordIDX folders are less than 250 MB before you backup your data. If the files are larger than 250 MB, you should backup your data outside of the PCLaw program.


Backing Up Your Data Inside the Program

Take the following steps to backup your data inside the PCLaw program:

  1. Click File, select Backup/Restore, and Backup Data.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that you are the only user logged in to PCLaw.
    Note: If you are not the only user in PCLaw, all other users must exit PCLaw before you can backup your data.
  3. Click OK to open the PCLaw Archive - Export File window.
  4. Select a location to save your backup file and enter a file name.
    Note: We recommend that you rename the file to include the date so that you can easily distinguish your backup files and to help prevent overriding older files.
  5. Click Save to create the backup file.


We recommend that you make several copies of your data and that you retain the previous five to six backup files.



Backing Up Your Data Outside the Program

Take the following steps to backup your data outside of the PCLaw program if your data folders are 250 MB or larger:

  1. Click Help and select About PCLaw.
  2. Press and hold the Ctrl + Shift keys and click Tech Support to open the Data Directory Dump window.
  3. Click to highlight Dynamic: and click Shell To to open the Windows Command Prompt window.
  4. Enter CD../.. and press Enter to go to the PCLaw Data directory.
  5. Enter Start. and press Enter to open the PCLaw Data folder.
  6. Exit the PCLaw software and verify that all other users exit the software.
  7. Right-click the Data folder and click Copy.
  8. Browse to a location where you want save your backup files.

  9. Note: Select any location on the computer other than the same location as the Common folder.
  10. Right-click a blank area in the backup location and select Paste to copy the Data folder.


If you receive an Access Denied error message when you copy the Data folder to another directory, contact your Network Administrator.


Enabling the End of Session Backup Prompt

Take the following steps to enable the End of Session Backup prompt:

  1. Click Options and select Workstation Settings to open the Workstation Settings window.
  2. Click the Other tab.
  3. Click to check the Ask when Exiting PCLaw box.
  4. Click OK.


The software only displays the End of Session Backup prompt if you are the last user to log out of the program.