Article ID: 7881

Remitting GST/HST

Take the following steps to enter a GST/HST remittance check:

  1. Click Data Entry and select General Bank, then Cheque to open the General Cheque window.
  2. Enter Receiver General in the To box.
  3. Enter the check date in the Date box.
  4. Enter the Running Balance from the Payment Enclosed (115) row of the GST/HST Journal in the Amount box.
    NOTE: Refer to Finding the GST/HST Amount to Remit for more information on the amount of GST/HST to remit.
  5. Select Z from the Pay GST/HST drop-down.
  6. Enter an explanation in the Explanation box.
  7. Click OK to open the Remittance Date window.
  8. Enter the remittance period end date in the Remittance for Period Ending box.
  9. Click OK.