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Installation Overview

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We offer a Just in Time Training Tutorial Video on Installing Time Matters Version 11. To begin the video, go to the site, log in, and register for the class. A link to the Just In Time Training Tutorial topic will be listed on your My Courses page in LexisNexis University.

Visit the LexisNexis® University What's New page for information about AMP Anytime Training (Annual Maintenance Plan). Customers with a current Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) have unlimited free access to the Anytime Training for the length of their subscription.

The Time Matters® Version 11 software scales to meet the demands of a stand-alone or a multiple-user environment. Download the Time Matters Version 11 setup files to get started.

Multiple User Installation

A multiple-user installation consists of a server computer that hosts the Microsoft SQL Server database and workstation computers that run the Time Matters software and connect to the database on the server. Install the Time Matters software and database on your server computer first to create a setup file in your shared files folder. Use the setup file for a quick installation of the Time Matters software on your workstations.

Stand-Alone Installation

A stand-alone (or single-user) installation consists of a single computer that runs the Time Matters software and hosts the Microsoft SQL Server database.

Remote Installation

Download and install a remote database to a laptop that you periodically connect to your office network. Make additions, changes, or deletions to your firm's data while away from the office in your laptop's remote database. Synchronize the changes you made with your office's main database when you return.

Updating to a New Service Pack

Service Packs for the Time Matters software include items such as enhanced compatibility with other programs, fixes for known issues, and enhancements to the software. It is important that all workstations be on the same Service Pack / Service Release to avoid data corruption and performance degradation.