PCLaw Core Functions vs Non-Core Functions

Only the Core Functions of PCLaw work when you use a 64-bit operating system.


Examples of Functions

Core Functions - Include the basic features of the program before any add-ins.

  • Data Entry features
  • File menu features (except third-party features)
  • Reports
  • Billing features
  • G/L features
  • Tools (except Payroll)
  • Options menu features (except Connection Settings)


Non-Core Functions - Include Third-party application linking, Cost Recovery Modules, Connection Settings, PCLaw Timers, and PCLawTE

  • Amicus Link
  • Credit Card
  • Connection for e-mail tracking and timer
  • Connection with Windows Explorer
  • Connection with Internet Explorer
  • Connection with Microsoft Word
  • Outlook Connection Manager
  • Payroll
  • Timer in Microsoft Excel
  • Timer in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Timer in Microsoft Word