Downloading and Installing Microsoft Hotfix KB976477

Take the following steps to download and install Microsoft Hotfix KB976477:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to
  2. Locate article ID 976477 with article title Description of the 2007 Office system hotfix package (Mso-x-none.msp): October 27, 2009.
  3. Click Hotfix Download Available.
  4. Click I Accept to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Click Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages (1).
  6. Select 2007 Microsoft Office System.
  7. Enter your email address in the E-mail and Confirm e-mail fields.
  8. Enter the security code.
  9. Click the Request hotfix button.
  10. Locate and open the email you receive from
  11. Click the link at the bottom of the email and save the 397965_intl_i386_zip.exe file to your Windows Desktop.
  12. Double-click the 397965_intl_i386_zip.exe file on your Windows Desktop.
  13. Click Run on the Open File - Security Warning window.
  14. Click Continue on the Microsoft Self-Extractor window.
  15. Click the Browse Button button and select Desktop.
  16. Click Ok.
  17. Click Ok on the Select the folder where you want to unzip the files to prompt.
  18. Click Ok on the All files have been successfully unzipped prompt.
  19. Double-click the office-kb976477-fullfile-x86-glb.exe file on your Windows Desktop to open the Hotfix for Office (KB976477) window.
  20. Select the Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms check box.
  21. Click Continue.
    Note: The page displays the Running update detection, please wait message after you click Continue.
  22. Click Next.
  23. Click Finish to complete the update.
    Note: You may need to reboot your computer at the end of the update process.