Article ID: 10150

Enabling the Store Email Attachments Outside the Database Feature

Take the following steps to enable storage of email attachments outside the database:


We recommend storing email attachments outside the database because the SQL table where email attachments are stored can grow very large over time and eventually cause crashes and corruption.

  1. Click File on the menu bar and select Setup, General, and Program Level to open the Program Level Setup window.
  2. Click to check Store Email attachments outside of database in the Email section on the right side of the Program Level Setup window.
  3. Use the default Attachment Directory [X]:\Documents and Settings\All Users\My Documents or click Ellipsis Icon to select a different location.
    Note: All LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage users need to have full permissions to the shared directory you select.
  4. Click to check Encrypt externally stored attachments if you want to encrypt the attachments.
    Note: If you encrypt the attachments, you can only view the attachments through the LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage software.
  5. Click OK to close the Program Level Setup window.


Attachments received after you enable this feature are stored outside the database. Attachments received prior to your enabling of this feature remain in the database until you run the Manage Email Attachments utility. The program records new attachments in the ATTACH.TPS file, but it does not store the attachment there.