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Upgrading the PCLaw Software

Important Notes about Upgrading:

If you do not post all delay posted time entries before you update, you could lose all your time entries.

If you need to upgrade to fix a problem that prevents you from launching the program, begin the upgrade process with Step 11.

Software service packs and hotfixes are not available on CD.

Upgrading the Server

Take the following steps to upgrade to a newer version:

  1. Close the PCLaw® software on all workstations by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard to open the Windows Task Manager window.
  2. Click the Processes tab to ensure the following processes are not running in the background:
    • PCLAW32.EXE
    • PLIDXR32.EXE
    • PLOUTL32.EXE

    • Note: If any of the above processes are running, left-click to highlight the process, then click End Process on the bottom right corner of the Task Manager window.
    Task Manager

  3. Open PCLaw on one computer and sign in as the Admin.
    Note: We recommend running the initial upgrade on the server first.
  4. Click Tools on the menu bar and select User Monitor to open the User Monitor window.

  5. User Monitor

  6. Verify that only the 1 - ADMIN user appears in the User Monitor window.
    Note: If User Monitor shows more than 1 - ADMIN being signed in, repeat step 1 on the workstations until only 1 - ADMIN remains. Contact Customer Support if the problem persists.

  7. User Monitor

  8. Click Options and select Administrator, then Lock System to open the Lock PCLaw System window.

  9. Open Lock System

  10. Click Lock.
    Note: This changes the button from Lock to Unlock. You need to unlock the system by clicking Unlock after the upgrade completes.
  11. Create a Backup in the program and save it to a local destination.

  12. File Backup

  13. Run Verify Data Integrity on the entire database.
    Note: If you receive any error messages, please contact Customer Support.

  14. Tool VDI

  15. Close the PCLaw software.
  16. Open a web browser and go to
    Note: Software service packs and hotfixes are not available on CD.
  17. Select the version you want to upgrade to from the Select product area: drop-down list.
  18. Click Go to open the LexisNexis PCLaw Software License Agreement page.
  19. Scroll to the bottom of the license agreement and enter all required information.
  20. Click I have read and agree with license to open the LexisNexis PCLaw Support Downloads page.
  21. Check the Description field for the Full Install, and then click the Download link on the right to download the PCLaw installer.

  22. Select Download

  23. Click Save and select Desktop in the Save In drop-down list.
  24. Double-click the install file on your desktop and click Run to run the installer and open the Welcome Screen window.
  25. Click Accept to accept the License agreement.
  26. Click Continue.
  27. Enter the Product Key, if prompted, and click Next.
    Note: If you are upgrading from one full version to another full version (such as 8.03a to 9.31d or 9.31d to 10.0 SP5) then you need to enter the product key. If you are upgrading within a version (such as 10.01b to 10.0SP5) then you do not need to enter the product key.
  28. Click Start to begin the installation.
    Note: Proceed to step 25 if you do not receive the Data Set Create/Attach screen.
  29. Select the radio button next to Attach to an existing data set and click Next.

  30. Data Set Create/Attach

    Note: The next screen has two sections, Data - FULL ACCESS and Program - READ ONLY ACCESS. Unless necessary you may leave the Program - READ ONLY ACCESS alone and click Browse next to Data - FULL ACCESS to locate your books.Your books should follow a path similar to "C:\PCLaw Data\Data" or "C:\ACG\PCLaw32\Data". The drive letter may vary by system, typically if you store the books locally (on your PC) you search the 'C' drive. Otherwise you may have to look on a network drive (such as a 'P' drive or a drive such as '\\SERVERNAME\PCLaw_DATA'. Contact your IT staff if you cannot locate your data.

    Select Destination

  31. Locate your Data folder and click Next.
  32. Click Start to begin the installation.
    Note: The installation process might take several minutes. If you receive an error message stating the PRODUCT.KEY could not be found, please follow the steps listed in PRODUCT.KEY Could Not Be Found.
  33. Click Next on the Additional Stations screen.

  34. Additional Stations

  35. Click Finish to close the installation wizard.
    Note: Click OK if the program prompts you to reboot your computer.

  36. This system must be restarted to complete the installation

  37. Double-click the PCLaw icon on the desktop to open the program and begin the conversion.
    Note: If no conversion is necessary, the software opens your books.
  38. Click Yes to create a backup.
    Note: If you created a backup during step 7, click No and skip to step 30.
  39. Select a Backup location and click OK.
  40. Click Yes to start the data conversion.
    Note: The PCLaw software opens once the data conversion process is complete.
  41. Click Options and select Administrator, the Lock System to open the Lock PCLaw System window.

  42. Open Lock System

  43. Click Unlock to close the Lock PCLaw System window.
    Note: This changes the button from Unlock to Lock.


Upgrading the Workstation

Take the following steps to upgrade your workstations to a newer version:

  1. Close all programs on the computer.
  2. Double-click the PCLaw icon on the desktop.
  3. Click Yes to open the setup wizard.


If these steps do not work, refer to Installing the PCLaw Software to Additional Workstations.